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Internship in Malta

It’s been quite a while since I’ve been to Malta. I was in school to becoming a beautician when I got the chance to go to Malta for a 2-month internship. Sorry mum & dad, but I had to go. With little to no doubt, I applied and together with 4 other girls we went.

In the 2 months on Malta, we lived in a luxurious apartment (we did get an upgrade somehow) in Sliema. Wo got some English classes one morning a week and the other 36 hours I’ve worked in one of the spa resorts.

Living in Sliema was really nice. Just one block away from the boulevard, nice weather and just 10 minutes walking distance to work, school, and Paceville (the party place as we speak). So basically everything was within reach.

In our free time, we went to do a lot of sightseeing as of we needed to see every inch of the country within 2 months. And so we did some trips to Marschaschloxkk, Blue Grotto, Comino, Gozo, The Azure window, Valletta, Sicily, and Mdina.

Most of the trips we did ourselves, taking the local buses, finding our own directions and so on. It’s especially nice if you’re going somewhere to just see things, enjoy the landscape views and so. But other times it is fine to have some explanations. Valletta, for example, is beautiful to just walk around, but if you have a tour guide, you’ll actually find out so much about the city. This counts as well for the tour to Sicily we did.

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