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Malaysia In Three Weeks

Time for a next trip… Where shall I go? What do I want to see or do? And, most of all, can I visit any of my far-away friends? Not in Malaysia, I thought. Having booked my ticket, I asked some of my friends who were in Asia at the time. I got lucky, and so […]

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My First Steps In South America

In February 2016, I first set foot in South America, Peru and Chile to be precise. Back in those days I used PolarSteps as my travel tracker and have written my stories day by day. Here’s what I’ve seen and done in Peru and Lima.

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Internship in Malta

It’s been quite a while since I’ve been to Malta. I was in school to becoming a beautician when I got the chance to go to Malta for a 2-month internship. Sorry mum & dad, but I had to go. With little to no doubt, I applied and together with 4 other girls we went. In the […]

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